Here is what folks are saying about lil guillotine

I found it distateful, its wasteful, take it from me, I’m bourgeoisie

I would never recommend something this dangerous to me,

I’m afraid it might be that this blade is for me,

that I’ll get splayed and water boarded, see

it’s what they want to do to you when you live like I be,

responsible for genocide and murdering babies,

that’s okay tho because boot straps…



I Tried lil Guillotine..

Very not approving

My hand is steady moving

Towards my gunbelt it is crusin

Because I spook easily,

Especially when I see african,

I’m the cop in the community

I have murderous impunity,

That means it doesn’t matter what you do to me

I can still kill who i please,

But its for the good of you and me,

Don’t worry this is policing of the community,

Lil Guillotine is a threat to public safety.

You Best Not