Guillotine Glasses


Oversized high fashion Lil Guillotine sunglasses.

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High fashion but low costin, these stylish Guillotine glasses are sure get heads rolling your way! Available in black and white, you will have the perfect sunglasses for your dope outfit.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

6 thoughts on “Guillotine Glasses

  1. Hey Guilllotine. Iappreciate all the hard work you’re doing and want to support you. I’d like a pair of sunglasses and maybe a t-shirt ( sent to UK, postage permitting!) but can’t find cart for order.

    Can you help me out compa?

    1. Goodness! Thanks very much for pointing this out! It appears I lost a few sales because of my mistake, I really appreciate you reaching out so I can fix it! It appears to have been fixed, thanks for your support mate! I am going to be in London from 17/7/19 to 20/7/19 btw!

      1. Dang, found ANOTHER mess up and fixed it, its should be good to go now, final answer

  2. I’ll see you in London, for sure. What t-shirt sizes you got left lil Guillotine? Seems medium is out of stock.

    I’m looking to get a pair of glasses too. Not usually into merch but know you use profit unselfishly. Saying that, there’s no chance of a discount coupon I guess?

    Cart seems to be working just fine now.

    1. Crap! I messed up again but I fixed it for the final time this time! Thanks for your support mate!!

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