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Lil guillotine is a hot new rapper and producer out of Madison, WI, dropping original beats and hard line militant anti-capitalist lyrical flow.

With over ten years of community organizing experience, lil guillotine stepped up his message spreading techniques by donning the revolutionary rap hat. Inspired by his work with the abolitionist bail fund, Free The 350 Bail Fund, lil guillotine began writing as a means to address the dearth of abolitionist rhymes on the market.


Upcoming Single: “You Only Get One” -11/22/19

“Pride” -8/20/19

Free To Starvin’ The St.” -6/28/19

Lil Guillotine For Ya” -6/27/18

Days Go By (Feat. John Denver aka The Profit)” -6/15/18

Off Money Bags (feat. AMYR)” -5/31/18

Thirst (eat the rich)” -4/18/18

War Camps (Quilombo dos Palmares)” -3/6/18

Gun Control Is Racist (prod. Nape)”  -2/17/18

News Rap 1 (prod. Sez On The Beat)” -2/6/18

Anarchist Guns” -1/23/18

Abolition Number Nine” -1/18/18

Spiffy Crimes” -1/13/18



8/10/19 Berniepalooza (Rockford, IL)

7/17/19 Fiddlers Elbow (London)

7/13/19 Las Guerreras At Le Chinois (Paris)

6/28/19 Summertime Is Guillotine Time 

6/21/19 Make Music Madison DJ’ing @ Warner Park

6/8/19 Riverwest Public House Benefit Concert (Milwaukee)

4/26/19 Robinia Courtyard For YPWeek, a NeWaukee Initiative

4/20/19 Rock Against Fascism

3/18/19 Nostalgic Vibes/Quality CBD “Hip-Hop Night

2/9/19 Afilliated Medical Services Benefit

1/26/19 Lil Guillotine At Art In

11/3/18 Serengeti, Lil Guillotine & Devoureaux (Chicago)

11/2/18 Serengeti, Lil Guillotine & Vaun Mayes (Milwaukee)

11/1/18 Serengeti, Lil Guillotine & Mekong 

10/6/18 Hip Hop Fundraiser

6/30/18 Bail Fund Benefit


Featured On WORT FM Madison Access Hour 11/18/19

Featured on Polyrical Music Podcast 10/22/19

Featured on London based radio show and podcast, Dissident Island Radio 7/19/19

Featured on Mandatory OT Podcast 2/18/19

“Anarcho-Rapper, Lil Guillotine fights the power through sharply worded music.” -Steven Potter, Isthmus Magazine (1/24/19)

Lil Guillotine, a Madison rapper with a knack for over-the-top lefty shit-stirring—during a recent protest of far-right groups at the state capitol, he handed out vuvuzelas emblazoned with his logo—has posted a video in which he states that the city is cracking down on hip-hop shows at Art In “because they had black folks.” –Scott Gordon, Tone Madison (January 21, 2019)

Featured On Isthmus Magazine’s “Isthmus Picks Playlist.” -11/1/18

Featured On Isthmus Magazine’s “Isthmus Picks Playlist.” -10/25/18

“…Lil Guillotine, whose song “Fuck ICE” is the brilliantly simple anti-fascist anthem we need right now.” ISTHMUS -10/4/18

Featured On Isthmus Magazine’s “Isthmus Picks Playlist.” -10/4/18

And then there’s Lil Guillotine. Instead of leaning into the thrash-rap that his name and descriptions like “agit-prop” and “anarchist” might connote, he instead leans into the rap of the Internet’s weirder corners, a la Lil B and Viper. On the hook of one of his recent cuts “Fuck ICE,” Lil Guillotine nonchalantly states over a jazzy beat, “Figgity fuck ICE, fuck ICE, fuck ICE, fuck ICE.” But, though simplistic and perhaps sardonic, Lil Guillotine’s verses also contain statements like, “We don’t need no cops, that’s a fable,” and “Borders are violent, that’s why we riotin’.” It would be easy to write off Lil Guillotine’s music as over-the-top satire, but I think that might overlook a clever stylistic choice. Given that memified styles like mumble rap prompt the listener to wade into the emcee’s muddied deliveries in order to uncover whatever lyrical absurdities lie underneath, Lil Guillotine instead surprises the listener with direct political statements and calls to action. Figgity fuck ICE indeed. Henry Solo, Tone Magazine-9/29/18

Featured on Radical Underground Episode 27 -7/9/18

“Another standout is Madison’s lil guillotine, who raps prolifically over sparse productions, incorporating unexpected sound effects.” ISTHMUS -6/28/18

Featured On Isthmus Magazine “Isthmus Picks Playlist” -6/28/18

Featured On “Radical Underground” Podcast Episode 24 -2/25/18

Debut Rapper Calls Trump ‘Shithole,’ Exclusive Interview” -1/15/18

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