Lil Guillotine Raps At Art In Saturday January 26
Doors At 7pm, Show Starts At 8pm
$6 Early Bird/$10 Door

Long time Madison resident, Lil Guillotine, who recently embarked on a journey of daily song productions that comprise the “Anarchist Daily News Rap,” will be performing at the Art In on Saturday January 26. In the Daily News Rap series, Lil Guillotine undergoes rigorous daily research, analysis, song writing, recording, composition, mixing, engineering, publishing and promoting to churn out analysis of daily events around the globe.
Coming off a midwest tour with iconic underground Chicago rapper, Serengeti, Lil Guillotine will bless the stage at the Art-In on East Washington Avenue, before embarking on a European tour in the summer of 2019.

Having come up on the Madison rap scene through organizing and performing at shows to benefit the Free The 350 Bail Fund, social movements remain a pivotal part of the rappers game. With upcoming shows in Milwaukee to support women’s reproductive healthcare rights and in Austin TX to support Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, these are just a small portion of the movement work that Lil Guillotine is dedicated to. Lil Guillotine also works with artists who are parts of social movements whenever possible, having recently performed with artists in radical organizations like Chicago Community Bond Fund, We ALL We Got, Program The Parks, Freedom Inc & more.

Lil Guillotine has been featured on the internationally broadcast Radical Underground Podcast two different times:

And also featured on Isthmus’ playlists multiple times:
As well as featured in local media publications in Madison:

“And then there’s Lil Guillotine. Instead of leaning into the thrash-rap that his name and descriptions like “agit-prop” and “anarchist” might connote, he instead leans into the rap of the Internet’s weirder corners, a la Lil B and Viper. On the hook of one of his recent cuts “Fuck ICE,” Lil Guillotine nonchalantly states over a jazzy beat, “Figgity fuck ICE, fuck ICE, fuck ICE, fuck ICE.” But, though simplistic and perhaps sardonic, Lil Guillotine’s verses also contain statements like, “We don’t need no cops, that’s a fable,” and “Borders are violent, that’s why we riotin’.” It would be easy to write off Lil Guillotine’s music as over-the-top satire, but I think that might overlook a clever stylistic choice. Given that memified styles like mumble rap prompt the listener to wade into the emcee’s muddied deliveries in order to uncover whatever lyrical absurdities lie underneath, Lil Guillotine instead surprises the listener with direct political statements and calls to action. Figgity fuck ICE indeed.” —Henry Solo, Tone Magazine, 9/29/18

“…Lil Guillotine, whose song “Fuck ICE” is the brilliantly simple anti-fascist anthem we need right now.” –Isthmus -10/4/18

“Another standout is Madison’s lil guillotine, who raps prolifically over sparse productions, incorporating unexpected sound effects.” –Isthmus -6/28/18

In addition, the Art In has been subject to increased scrutiny from the police and from the City Attorney’s office for having Black artists and Black patrons there in a typically Madison racist anti-hip hop maneuver. This has resulted in the city attorney decreasing the capacity of the Art In so tickets will be limited.

The Madison City Attorney Is Cracking Down On Black Culture In Madison!!
The Art In Can Only Have 49 PEOPLE In It Now After The Cops Were Called On An “All White” Party There Last Week. Almost Everybody That Was At The “All White” Party Was Almost All Black Folks And The Cops Were Called There Because Someone Got Their Car Parked In And Couldn’t Figure Out How To Deal With It Without Calling In Deadly Racist Force In The Form Of The Madison Police. No Doubt After Hearing That They Are Allowing Many Black People To Congregate There, The City Attorney Decided To Reduce The Art In’s Capacity And Threatened To Pull Their License Completely If They Don’t Curb The Blackness That Is Allowed To Exist There Immediately.
This Is Of Course A Blatantly Racist Maneuver That The City Attorney Has Pulled, An Over Reaction To A Parked In Car At Minimum, But In Reality It’s Part Of A Continuum Of Decades Long Repression Of Black Culture In Madison, An Anti-Black Foundation Upon Which Many White Communities Here Exist, Never Ceasing In It’s Ability To Lend Legitimaticy To Its Thouroughly Racist Core Through The Legal System, Laws And The Police.
This Means That There Will Be Very Little Tickets Available For Sale For This Event, Which Will Directly Impact The Black Community In Madison, From The Artists Who Are Performing At It Who WIll No Longer Be Privvy To A Large Audience Upon Which To Build Their Fanbases, To The Community Organizations That The Proceeds Were Going To, Including Black Folks Who Are In Dane County Jail Simply Because They Are Black And They Have No Money.
👉🏼👉🏼GET YOUR TICKETS QUICK👈🏼👈🏼 & Show Up Early As There Is Likely To Be A Wait To Get In Because Of The New Capacity Rule. EVERYONE SHOULD SHOW Up To Show The City Attorney That We Are Not Okay With Their Racist Bullshit Repression And That We Support The Black Artist And Grassroots Community In Madison.

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Tekashi Tekashi

Tekashi Tekashi

Tekashi, Tekashi, Them Use Us For Patsy Turn Oxi’s To Money

Tekashi got caught g

this aint apology

he’s fucked up for making

Teenage pornography

As for the violence

Im staying out of it

self defense idleness

I can’t get down with it

The thing that appalls me

its their audacity

To lock up tekashi

But Let the Sacklers free

It’s state sanctioned drug deals

They create the problems

lift gates on suffering

as long as For profits

judge stopped the ban too

The least that he can do

We cannot rely tho

On benign officials

to stop what trump can do

then Google takes stands to

They show what they can do

Unplacable needs crew

Coerce whole regions too

they got Europe subdued

its a true Orwell move



Tekashi 69 Faces 32 Years For Racketeering And More.

Sack lers are a pharmaceutical giant family who peddle oxycontin ruthlessly despite their knowledge that it is killing people. They Own Purdue Pharma.

Trump’s racist, unconstitutional (fuck the constitution anyways), xenophobic ban blocked bye judge.

Google strong arming entire swaths of nations in a truly Orwellian dystopian corporate power mongering move.

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Don’t Wait For The fate billed by the magnate

There’s 848 Killed By The Dang State

That’s The Fact It’s Honest

They got caught up just Like Adonis

cops are racist gunners

mistake it not they must shoot colors

they make bigots conquer

They Raked Finnish climate problems

Duterte to The Crown prince

“Fake News” Claims For Tyrant Models

Change The Panorama

Strange The Way the discourse slanted

Explains The Pain And Trauma

Just The Way The Brains Done Planned It

Myosgyny Alive Devos’s Freeze Of Title Nine

Rebellions Is tried in Haiti they are on the rise

Centennary Arrives Brazil in Rio rebel Riot

848 Killed By Cops So Far in 2018.

Make America rake again. Rake News.

Duterte and other autocratic, authoritarian despots, are empowered by Trump’s rhetoric.

Betsy Devos’s, with her Billonaire self, makes changes to Title IX rules.

Haitians call for ouster of Haitian president.

1917-1918 The Brazilian Anarchist Uprising

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News Rap 11/16


They Paved Paradise And They Put Up A Charring Bod

They Paved Paradise And They Shut Up Progressive Arm

They Paved Paradise And Put All Our Kids In Harm

They Paved Paradise They Force Us To TakeUp Arms

Imagine Living in Paradise

In Cabins Where You Can’t Hear No Crys

Been Jabbin At The Waste Enterprise

Skin Crackling Despite All Your Trys

63 Pay With Their Lives

600 Dematerialized

Steeply Pay Despite our tries

They Pollute And We All Die

Persecute Unless Your A White Guy

There’s A Suite Access Disenfranchise

Their Solution When The Coup Is On The Rise

It’s Their Brute Their Scared When We Democratize

Claiming Voter Fraud Its A Plot To Spread lies

Offed That Black Guard Count On Cops For Homicide

Primarily To Black Guys

Go To Synagogue Killed 11 Folks White Pride

These Episodes Aint Flukes The Narrative Has Moved

Their Tied

They Paved Paradise And They Put Up A Charring Bod

They Paved Paradise And They Shut Up Progressive Arm

They Paved Paradise And Put All Our Kids In Harm

They Paved Paradise They Force Us To TakeUp Arms

600 Missing In California Wildfires:

Voter Disenfranchisement:

Trump’s Fake News “Voter Fraud…blah blah blah”

The Pigs Killing Black Folks, Even When They Are ACTUAL Heroes, Unlike 12’s Bullshit Facade Racist Serial Killing Asses Masquerading Like Heroes. Fuck The Police.

Nazi Soldier Kills 11 Jewish Folks At Synagogue In Pittsburgh:

Trump Is Empowering White Supremacists And Other Violent Ideological Uprisings With His Fake News Rhetoric And The Things He Talks About.