Madison WI City Attorney Cracking Down On Black Culture At The Art In

The Madison City Attorney Is Cracking Down On Black Culture In Madison!!
The Art In Can Only Have 49 PEOPLE In It Now After The Cops Were Called On An “All White” Party There Last Week. Almost Everybody That Was At The “All White” Party Was Almost All Black Folks And The Cops Were Called There Because Someone Got Their Car Parked In And Couldn’t Figure Out How To Deal With It Without Calling In Deadly Racist Force In The Form Of The Madison Police. No Doubt After Hearing That They Are Allowing Many Black People To Congregate There, The City Attorney Decided To Reduce The Art In’s Capacity And Threatened To Pull Their License Completely If They Don’t Curb The Blackness That Is Allowed To Exist There Immediately.
This Is Of Course A Blatantly Racist Maneuver That The City Attorney Has Pulled, An Over Reaction To A Parked In Car At Minimum, But In Reality It’s Part Of A Continuum Of Decades Long Repression Of Black Culture In Madison, An Anti-Black Foundation Upon Which Many White Communities Here Exist, Never Ceasing In It’s Ability To Lend Legitimaticy To Its Thouroughly Racist Core Through The Legal System, Laws And The Police.
This Means That There Will Be Very Little Tickets Available For Sale For This Event, Which Will Directly Impact The Black Community In Madison, From The Artists Who Are Performing At It Who WIll No Longer Be Privvy To A Large Audience Upon Which To Build Their Fanbases, To The Community Organizations That The Proceeds Were Going To, Including Black Folks Who Are In Dane County Jail Simply Because They Are Black And They Have No Money.
👉🏼👉🏼GET YOUR TICKETS QUICK👈🏼👈🏼 & Show Up Early As There Is Likely To Be A Wait To Get In Because Of The New Capacity Rule. EVERYONE SHOULD SHOW Up To Show The City Attorney That We Are Not Okay With Their Racist Bullshit Repression And That We Support The Black Artist And Grassroots Community In Madison.

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