The Anarchist Daily News Rap For Tuesday 11/20

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Tekashi Tekashi

Tekashi Tekashi

Tekashi, Tekashi, Them Use Us For Patsy Turn Oxi’s To Money

Tekashi got caught g

this aint apology

he’s fucked up for making

Teenage pornography

As for the violence

Im staying out of it

self defense idleness

I can’t get down with it

The thing that appalls me

its their audacity

To lock up tekashi

But Let the Sacklers free

It’s state sanctioned drug deals

They create the problems

lift gates on suffering

as long as For profits

judge stopped the ban too

The least that he can do

We cannot rely tho

On benign officials

to stop what trump can do

then Google takes stands to

They show what they can do

Unplacable needs crew

Coerce whole regions too

they got Europe subdued

its a true Orwell move



Tekashi 69 Faces 32 Years For Racketeering And More.

Sack lers are a pharmaceutical giant family who peddle oxycontin ruthlessly despite their knowledge that it is killing people. They Own Purdue Pharma.

Trump’s racist, unconstitutional (fuck the constitution anyways), xenophobic ban blocked bye judge.

Google strong arming entire swaths of nations in a truly Orwellian dystopian corporate power mongering move.

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