The Anarchist Daily News Rap For Monday 11/19

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Don’t Wait For The fate billed by the magnate

There’s 848 Killed By The Dang State

That’s The Fact It’s Honest

They got caught up just Like Adonis

cops are racist gunners

mistake it not they must shoot colors

they make bigots conquer

They Raked Finnish climate problems

Duterte to The Crown prince

“Fake News” Claims For Tyrant Models

Change The Panorama

Strange The Way the discourse slanted

Explains The Pain And Trauma

Just The Way The Brains Done Planned It

Myosgyny Alive Devos’s Freeze Of Title Nine

Rebellions Is tried in Haiti they are on the rise

Centennary Arrives Brazil in Rio rebel Riot

848 Killed By Cops So Far in 2018.

Make America rake again. Rake News.

Duterte and other autocratic, authoritarian despots, are empowered by Trump’s rhetoric.

Betsy Devos’s, with her Billonaire self, makes changes to Title IX rules.

Haitians call for ouster of Haitian president.

1917-1918 The Brazilian Anarchist Uprising

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