The Anarchist News Rap For Thursday 11/15

All The Daily Lefty News Analysis In A Format That You Didn’t Know You Needed, It’s, THE ANARCHIST NEWS RAP For Thursday 11/17/18.

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Rappin the news rap/dabbing with two taps

Trapping the truth at/massing a crew fat

Laughing at dudes that/yap and don’t Do that

Mapping the route stat/donning my coup cap

November Fifteen

The President Seen

The Evidence Clean

The End Is Hasty

Camp Fire Burn Clean

To Bones While They Screamed

There’s 59 Dead

This Shit Is Obscene

300 More Missing And He’s Dissing Management

Redundant But Listen When Experts Explain This Shit

We Wonder What Mission Been Launched To Amass The Shift

Then Zuckerburg Pays To Spread AntiLeft Soros Fibs

POTUS Then Stoked It And Mobilized Boat Loads

Of Those Xenophobic Klan Aligned No Nodes

He’s The Man That Called Antifa Vile Low Blows

We The Fam Stand Firm And We Supply Ammo

Crack Down From The Pay Pal Attack Now

Antifa And Proud Boys Placed In The Same Pack Somehow

Smack Down Come All Day Row Till They Back Down

Nuclear Land Proliferation In Greece got Shut Down

-California Wildfires 59 Dead 300 More Missing

-Facebook Started Soros Rumors

-Hired Firm To Condem Criticism Of FB As Antisemitic

-Trump Threatens Violence Against Antifa

-Pay Pal Cracking Down On Anarchist Organizing Comrades

-Araxos Achaia’s air base against the upgrading of US-Nato bases in Greece and the possible installation of Nato Nuclear Weapons with the participation of about 100 people took place in the morning of 11 November.

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