Viral Chicago Footwork Artist, Devoureaux, To Premiere At #BeatsWinterTour In Chicago Saturday 11/3

He’s the overnight dance hit sensation that went viral overnight. Meet Devoureaux KingDetro Wolf. He is a west side Chicago native and he is a skilled juke and footwork dancer.

You seen him on the viral Steve Harvey show video where he’s battling Rubin and Rubin wilds out. If not, check it out now☝🏻!

Devoureaux Meme

He appeared on Steve Harvey for his work teaching youth around Chicago how to dance. A couple of the children, whose lives he touched, recorded a viral dance competition video that caught the eye of Steve Harvey, so they had them all on to talk about the video and about Devoureaux’s dance organization, Dance N Out, check it out and like and share if you support his work. But THEN, during one of the commercial breaks while they were filming, Steve Harvey’s warmup guy, Rubin, challenged Devoureaux to a dance battle, what ensued is history, check out the hilarious video.

Steve Harvey donated $5k to Dance N Out, which Devoureaux started by hisself and payed like $3k of his own money over the months in to it. If you missed THAT OTHER viral video, check it out here, it’s a heart felt moment where Devoureaux finally gets some recognition for his great work!

Devoureaux is a much more awesome person than you know though. You heard about Dance N Out, but did you know he helps organize free meals and the group he does it with just purchased a food truck so they can go around and feed folks HOT MEALS around Chicago?!

I met him because we both do Bail Fund work, he actually helps bail people out of jail who have been sitting in there SIMPLY because they can’t afford to pay bail! I do the same and I was lucky enough to stumble upon his path early this year.

Beats Winter

I booked him for the Chicago #BeatsWinterTour show with Serengeti (“favorite actor Dennehy, favorite drink O’Douls, Bears, Hawks, Sox, Bulls”) Will is Chillin and myself, this weekend, Saturday 11/3 at Bourbon on Division, because I can see what an impeccable person he is and I wanted support him and his work any way that I could, and obviously because he is the bomb ass dancer. Hopefully the rest of the world can see what a good person he is and how important the work that he does FOR FREE is for the community and society too.

King Detro 11:3 ADMAT

Now you have the opportunity to support Devoureaux from Dance N Out too! Come out to his show this Saturday and watch him shred up the dance floor at Bourbon On Division. You can donate to his dancing organization there and support him as well, all while having a blast enjoying the myriad Chicago hip hop styles that are lined up for you.

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