Introducing Grassroots Supporting Promotion Company, KML PROMOTIONS and the #BeatsWinterTour

Announcing the brand new live music promotion company KML Promotions!

My sister and myself started KML Promotions after organizing fundraiser concerts for over a year for various grassroots causes. KML Promotions seeks to support artists who are members of grassroots leftist movements around the country while creating radical spaces for people to enjoy themselves in.

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Take for instance our upcoming #BeatsWinterTour. It is a mini-tour of the midwest with stops in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. In each of the cities we stop in we made sure to support folks who are doing great work in their communities, building alternatives to state institutions and growing movements.

Beats Winter

In Madison on Thursday 11/1, we have Mekong booked, Mekong is a very skilled Krump and hip hop dancer who is a longtime member of Freedom Inc. in Madison, an organization with impeccable liberation politics and a solid presence in the movements in Madison.

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In Milwaukee we booked Vaun Mayes aka Yung L’z. Vaun helped start We All We Got and Program The Parks and is a former member of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party and has been a target of government persecution by the FBI for being a “Black Identity Extremist,” a term that conjures memories of the not so long ago racist repression of pro Black liberation groups by the FBI under Hoover called COINTELPRO. We are proud to be able to support someone who does SO much for his community from the grassroots! Come out and support him and his organizations on Friday 11/2/.

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In Chicago on Saturday 11/3, we booked King Detro The Footwork King, a comrade in the abolitionist Bail Fund struggles that I regularly engage in. King Detro is a prominent member of the Chicago Community Bond Fund (CCBF). The CCBF is a superb organization doing the work of being there for those who are locked up and forgotten by the state for being too poor and for being Black. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the prison industrial complex entirely because it has shown to be not only ineffective but has been shown to only exacerbated violence and oppression in society. Come out and support King Detro for his important work but also because he represents Chicago in a big way with his impressive footwork techniques and abilities.

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We also have Chicago favorites, Will Is Chillin’ from Stank Face Records and of course, SERENGETI, the iconic underground Chicago rapper who coined the character, Kenny Dennis, who’s lists his favorites as: “favorite actor Dennehy, favorite drink O’Douls, Bears, Cubs, Sox, Bulls.” It is slated to be an intense night of hyper creative hip hop artists who will represent Chicago SO DAMN HARD that it might be silly to miss it if you love the Chi-town.

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I am myself also a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and the General Defense Committee (GDC) of the IWW, so Wobblies, Wobbly supporters and supporters of grassroots struggles can come to one of our shows knowing that their ticket monies are going towards revolutionary goals. AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL!! Artists Of The World UNITE!!


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  1. Thank you for stepping up to this plate, main stream.rap gives the genre a bad name at times with its misogynistic and capitalist rhetoric, this company is unique and much needed

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