Meet The Tracks; Black Power Mixtape by lil guillotine

Here it is, it’s Meet The Tracks, this week’s new track is by emcee dj lil guillotine called the Black Power Mixtape.

This is a set I originally put together a few months before I started rapping for a fundraiser for both the Free The 350 Bail Fund as well as the Madison General Defense Committee local 100. I decided to record it and put it out there since I think it’s really interesting.

I named this track the “Black Power Mixtape by lil guillotine” because 1. it has excerpts from the Black Power Mixtape documentary of Angela Davis‘s speech about the hypocrisy of liberal critiques of self defense in revolutionary movements, that speech is lit if you haven’t heard it you should check it out. In addition to Angela Davis there are speeches and talks and poems on there from many radical Black power revolutionaries.

The tracks starts off with me dropping some freshly written and barely rehearsed rhymes;

“Newly sharp, my blade is cutting

Exremely smart, drop rad hints subtly

Write dope rhymes while puffing steadily

Shred ones and twos just like confetti”

 It then follows with Mutabaruka‘s “Dis Poem,” Davis‘s Black Power Mixtape excerpt, an excerpt from H. Rap Brown‘s (Imam Jamil Al-Amin) 1968 speech to the Black Panthers, an excerpt from Langston Hughes‘ “The Black Verse, 12 Moods for Jazz,” and then it ends with Peter Tosh’s “Equal Rights” which is a dope song because he is all “fuck peace, we want justice” over and over!

This is done while “Brand New Dub” by Roots Manuva plays in the background, followed by Black Star “Definition” instrumental, then Blackalicious‘ “It’s Going Down” instrumental, then Jurassic Five’s “If You Only Knew” instrumental, then Erykah Badu’s “Love of My Life” instrumental followed by Peter Tosh‘s “Equal Right’s” non instrumental, lyrics intact. All the music on the track is hand mixed with my turntables and played from vinyl, some of the radical Black power speeches and excerpts were also on vinyl. It’s not that I am a luddite or an audiophile who will only play analog music sources, I just haven’t gotten around to purchasing the gear for all digital dj’ing yet.

Cheers and happy listening, sharing, following and liking, click here to listen.


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