Meet The Tracks; Anarchist Guns

Stop using corn starch to clean your barrels, because, it’s time for;

lil guillotine, Meet The Tracks

Anarchist Guns

This one is about my latest track, Anarchist Guns. The song is about Anarchist guns. But that ain’t it. On this track I have been doing some experimenting with different ways to master the final track. After I mixed the instrumentals and vocals I proceeded to bounce the song down to just four audio wav files, one for the bass, one for the drums, one for the melody/harmony and one for the vocals. Then I opened those in a single project in my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and proceeded to mix them down once again. After getting the stem tracks mixed the way I liked them I experimented with different types of compression and limiting schemes through analog sound processors until I found the instrumental and vocal track sounds that I wanted. I then took those mastered instrumental and vocal track and ran them through analog sound equipment again, this time together to come up with the final product. I hope that the sound quality is noticeably different than my first track because I didn’t know half of what I did then about mixing and mastering then I do now. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

This song is about guns and stuff, like guillotines and killing oppressors and stuff. Just to clarify and as a disclaimer, I don’t condone or promote the violence that cops commit on us in any way shape or form, nor do I recognize it as anything other than the violence that this capitalist class society is predicated upon and that it cannot exist without, nor do I think cops should exist. If data is a factor, the cops are useless and break more laws (if you give a shit about repressive oppressive oligarchs’ “laws”) and bring more unnecessary avoidable violence, brutality and racist serial killings to US Americans (America is more than just the US) than if they simply didn’t exist at all. Useless tools. So you know, #FTP, organize for abolition, fuck the racist violence.

Listen to my new track here and enjoy!






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