Meet The Tracks; Spiffy Crimes

Hey y’all, lil guillotine here. This is a series where I talk about the tracks I released, how I made them, obstacles, learning experiences, etc.

lil guillotine, Meet The Tracks

Spiffy Crimes was the first track that I released. The production value, mixing, composition, mastering etc. is severely lacking, but that’s okay because my goal is to keep improving my skills as I go. Right now my goal is to release a track every week and that affords me ample opportunity to work on all aspects of hip hop music production.

I am inspired and excited by the communal possibilities of learning music production, there are many folks in the community who could use help to get their art out into social spaces to be consumed. Music production requires special spaces and equipment, my ultimate goal, in a communist fashion, is to be able to organize community spaces where musicians, bad (or good) but not boujee, of all economic backgrounds have access to the necessary resources for art creation.

Spiffy crimes is a song that I wrote about robbing 50 crowns from monarchs. I go in to the Derry colonial resistance movement a little in the song and take scathing shots at those who are “responsible for the consuming of bitumen,” or filthy Tar Sands as some may know it.

The song is controversial, I wouldn’t have released it if it wasn’t, because I talk about violence and self defense a lot. The liberal white lilly tight button downs will be quick to jerk their knee whilst proclaiming “violence is never right.” They will then turn their torso and sign their name off on more unnecessary uber violent police to roam our communities armed to the teeth, with licenses to kill, minds full of status quo white supremacist, nationalist (patriotism is nationalism in disguise), racist propaganda we call white US American civil society. They will turn and they will vote for one of the two parties and talk about how there was no other alternative when our imperialist forces and our economic terrorism slaughters countless babies. They say its sad… But what can you do! Then they keep voting for those baby slaughterers. Fuck they opinion.

Thanks for listening y’all!

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