Meet The Tracks; Abolition Number 9

Don’t gaze in to the nines because it’s time for,

lil guillotine, Meet The Tracks

Abolition Number 9 is my latest track, this track was the second version of the Abolition Song that I wrote, so I decided to pay homage to the beatles by adding “Number 9” like the Beatles did on their alternative version of “Revolution.”

I originally got in to writing raps specifically for the purpose of pushing abolitionist politics. I have been involved in an abolitionist bail fund in Madison Wisconsin, the Free The 350 Bail Fund, over the last year and it inspired me to create anti prison, anti police, anti capitalist art.

What a scathing critique of liberal white progressives I give in this song! I think it’s kind of brutal, the way I call all those possible allies and possible future comrades to the struggle out in the song, but I don’t give a shit. I am not convinced that the way we move the struggle against capitalism forward is by appealing to the center, who will appeal to the radicals who are in the center or who have not yet found folks to organize with?

I am against the existence of prisons and police and think they are nothing but tools of the oppressor that are equivalent to the continuation of modern slavery. You should too. That is what inspired these lyrics. Also, there is this cop here in Madison named Matt Kenney, Matt Kenney is a racist serial killer who has killed multiple people in psychiatric need, one a Black youth, Tony Robinson. The Madison Police Department keeps promoting and giving medals too him when he kills people. It’s almost as if they like their officers murdering Black folks and folks in need! JUST KIDDING THE CENTRAL ROLE OF COPS IS TO BRUTALIZE AND KILL, OF COURSE MPD LIKES IT!!! He currently trains new officers (how to kill Black youth), and is the head of the mounted repressive tools of the bourgeoisie, pigs on horses. So yea, mos def fuck the police.


listen to the track, follow me!

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